Hiring: Features Editor

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We're looking for a features editor to help edit, produce and execute long- and mid-term industry and non-industry think pieces, narratives, essays, and other types of advanced treatments beyond the basic blog post.


The job also entails managing industry contacts (in a small part) but the best of your work should be off the beaten path. This is, above all, a job about making ideas happen, managing resources and a schedule. The ideal candidate is traditionally trained with a few years of magazine experience. The ideal candidate will look at most publications and believe they can do smarter, more creative work that is high on the value/time ratio, in terms of production and the time a reader spends sifting though it.

To apply, send an email, along with clips of work you've done (preferably links to online work, including edited pieces, narratives, infographics, recurring sections, or whatever the else you've helmed; image attachments only; paste into the email if needed) with the subject line "Features Editor" to jobs@gizmodo.com.

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