Hiromi is a big deal Japanese jazz pianist who's getting pretty famous in the U.S. now, too. She's been touring around the world for awhile and her compositions are really great. Oh and her playing is totally badass.

People always talk about Hiromi's energy as the thing that draws them in, and it's definitely a big part of it. I saw her perform last month and she sort of jumps around crazily like she's going to fly off the bench or something. But I think the real draw to her playing, other than her general virtuosity, is her percussive style and internal sense of rhythm. Even when she's playing charts that aren't as recognizable, or as on the nose, as "I've Got Rhythm" you still follow what she's trying to convey.


If you're bored, jump to the middle or the end of the video and watch/listen to her totally kill it. And definitely the funniest part of watching Hiromi play is when she jumps up toward the audience before she even finishes the last chord.

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