His Dark Materials TV Series From BBC Might Finally Be Getting Off The Ground

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about BBC’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s lauded His Dark Materials fantasy series. But a recent tease might indicate that it’s about to finally get off the ground.

Last time we reported on this adaptation, we had heard that writer Jack Thorne (Skins) had teamed up with Bad Wolf Productions (helmed by producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, who had a big hand in bringing Doctor Who back to airwaves) to work on it. But since then, Bad Wolf has gone on to work on A Discovery of Witches, another British TV adaptation. Until today, that is, when the Bad Wolf Twitter account tweeted that production on that series was finished, and that another fantasy series would finally be getting its due.


This seems to be a confirmation that, finally, Bad Wolf’s next project is His Dark Materials. Finally. With news of this adaptation dating back to 2015, fans have waited more than long enough.