HIS Releasing First PCIe X1 ATI Graphics Card

HIS—Hi-Tech Information System Limited—is poised to release the first X1 PCIe graphics card based on an ATI X1K chipset. The card, which is an X1300 512MB HyperMemory and is being targeted at Dell, HP and IBM systems that don't have the more advanced graphics card friendly X16 PCIe slot. You'll also find dual link DVI and a quieter fan that extends the card's life dubbed the iFan. Watch out, HIS, or you'll be iSued.

Since it's based on the ATI X1300 chipset, you'll find all the features that make ATI one of the top graphics cards companies out there. Its ATI Avivo technology improves playback of H.264 video and the HighDynamicRange rendering helps in the anti-aliasing departmant. Of course, if you're in the market for a fancy, beast of a card, you should probably look elsewhere.


It'll be available by the end of July for $119.

Press Release [HIS Graphic Cards via The Inquirer]

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