Hitachi High-Rez LCDs for Cellphones: Imagine the Possibilities

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The majority of you told us in a survey yesterday that you'd rather just have a cellphone without all those multiple features on board, but what if you had a display that was 800x480? And you could display all your favorite pics in all their wide-screen glory (simulated usage above)?


Hitachi just started cranking out this 2.9-inch LCD that's bound for mobile phones. The company calls it "the industry's first 800x480 product as a mobile phone display panel." Sure beats the hell out of most current cellphone displays, holding the line at 320x240.


Hitachi Displays Launches 800 x 480 LCD Panel for Mobile Phone [Tech-On]

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(disclaimer I work for nokia, but not on phones)

Higher resolution compact displays are going to be great for pictures and movies, but they're not really an excuse to condense more text on the page... Higher resolution text (200 dpi in this case) is great because it's easier to read but using it to pack more data on the screen is pushing the limits of visual acuity.

There is a distinct upper-limit (and lower limit for that matter) to the size of a cellphone that people are willing to tolerate. The upper limit may actually be well below below the size a display needs to be be the be fully usable as a general purpose computing tool.

Other devices are dancing around this space. oqo and umpc devices trying to go where the tablepc didn't. Nokia 770 (800x480 4") and things like it (pepperpad, mylo (sort of, ie the display is to small), etc) are aimed at putting a usable display on an outboard device so that it doesn't have to be in the phone where it makes the device unreasonably large. Consider two devices you might put in your pocket:


3.8 x 0.5 x 2.0 inches

3.3 ounces

tmobile mda

4.29 x 2.28 x 0.93 inches

5.64 ounces

When you look at it devoid of pictures and marketing materials it doesn't look like the mda is that much bigger. yet lots of people would rule it out based on it's size rather than functionality (note that devices like the mda is an excellent candidate for a higher resolution screen).