Hitachi to Install its Fingervein Security System in Steering Wheels

Remember a couple of months back, and Hitachi's announcement that it had developed fingervein-scanning technology? Well, according to a Hitachi press release, it's going to be deployed in vehicles in the hope of cutting car theft. And that's not all that the technology will be able to do.


Mirrors, seats and air-conditioning will be automatically adjusted to the preferences of whichever driver has his or her finger on the scanner. The crime prevention factor is obvious: if the car only works for the person whose veins are in the scanner, then it won't go "brum" for someone who's nicked it &mdash unless, that is, your thief is the same redheaded mofo from 24 who sawed off the real pilot's finger in order to steal the stealth bomber and blow up Air Force One. [Hitachi via Pink Tentacle]

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