Hitachi Vein-Recognition Laptop

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Biometric laptops are no big thing. We've heard of thumbprint recognition and even iris scans, but Hitachi has taken things one step further with its so-called "vein recognition." The FLORA Se210 Finger Vein-Recognition Internal Equipment model, a recent addition to its notebook line, features a security measure that recognizes the specific veins in somebody's finger. This, they believe, is harder to falsify than a thumbprint. Using a finger vein recognition pattern to verify the owner's ID, the pattern is read by an LED sensor that diffuses light through the veins of the user's finger. The user's vein pattern is stored on a "KeyMobile' USB key—in order to verify that person's ID, the vein pattern on the USB key must match what is being read in the sensor. So, don't lose that USB key. Beyond this little addition, you'll also get a Celeron 600MHz CPU, Intel 915GM chipset (onboard video), 256MB of memory, 1024 x 768 (XGA) 12.1" LCD display, and 512MB of flash memory.


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