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Peter Griffin said it best. Every guy has an inner thing that senses when someone touches the thermostat. Come on, someone has to know the Family Guy episode I'm talking about. If your thing happens to be on the fritz—this is where the HOBO U10 comes in. It is a wireless temperature monitor. Place it anywhere in the house and it will communicate wireless with your computer displaying the current temperature. The included software will also create time lapsed graphs about the heating/cooling situation in your house so you can be the most energy-efficient anal-retentive dad on the block. $79.

Update: I got so excited I realized it doesn't even monitor temperatures wirelessly. It will monitor temperature activity, then you can plug it directly into the computer to view the data and adjust your temperature settings for better energy efficiency. Damnit, I'm stupid. Thanks, Knave77 for putting me in my place.


Product Page [Via Gearlog]

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