Hohner Six-Sided Harmonica Plays the Blues Six Ways to Sunday

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Blues harmonica players, or harpists as we like to be called, play the blues for a number of reasons, but one of them is that our diatonic instruments are so limited. When the band changes keys, we have to go rummaging around for another harmonica. Not any more with the Hohner Six-Sided Harmonica made by the company that's been supplying blues harmonicas to the stars for way over a century.

Good thing these harps can be detached from their central hub, because it would be hard to hold that harpists-favorite Shure Green Bullet mic up against this multi-headed contraption. The sextet of harmonicas (heh heh, he said sex) are tuned to the keys of C, D, F, G, A and B flat, and might make you sing the blues when you see their price tag, $299.95.


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