Holy Cow, Bandai Are Making New, Non-Crappy Gobots Figures

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The Gobots may be getting their own TV show or movie in the near future, but more importantly, Bandai and Action Toys have revealed they're making new, high-end toys based on the series - and they're way better than the terrible figures we got the first time round.

Well, to be more accurate, they're making new 'Gokin' (basically super fancy, collector-aimed figures) toys based on Machine Robo, the toy line and later anime series that Tonka and Hasbro spun Gobots out of when it came to the west. The line seems definitely tuned towards the toys that would come over to the US as the gobots. But look at them, they're not awful, even in a prototype state!


The line currently includes the following Machine Robos:

  • Cy-Kill
  • Jet Robo (known as Fitor in Gobots)
  • Drill Robo (known as Screwhead in Gobots)
  • Turbo
  • Leader-1
  • Tank Robo (known as Tank in Gobots)
  • Shuttle Robo (known as Spay-C in Gobots)

Kinda makes you realise that whoever named the Gobots probably should've been fired swiftly after suggesting any of these.


I mean sure, the Gobots always were the sort of red-headed Transformers stepchild of 80's toys, but it's really cool to see the characters getting some great looking figures instead of the awful treatment they largely got the first time round. I mean, these figures actually make them look pretty cool for once!


It's perhaps not likely that these figures will come to the west, but here's hoping, Gobot fans - you deserve it after all these years.


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