This Samurai Wolverine Figure Is the Exact Sort of Anime Bullshit I Crave

For years, Bandai has been turning Star Wars characters into samurai warriors in a wonderful line of figures called “Movie Realization.” More recently, but far more rarely, it’s been doing the same for Marvel with the “Manga Realization” line. The latest toy just got revealed, and it’s so ridiculous, I love it.

For The First Time Ever, the Next Super Sentai Series Has Been Made With Input From America

Although the Power Rangers and Super Sentai franchises have been forever linked since Power Rangers began 24 years ago, the Western side of things has never had creative input on the making of the Japanese show—it has simply been left to create its own series out of Super Sentai footage. That’s changing this year.

These 'Then and Now' Power Rangers Action Figure Sets Are Not Doing the Movie Any Favors

Look, I’m not gonna say no to some new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers action figures. But it kind of seems like a bad idea to package figures of the original TV show costume designs with their movie counterparts, mainly because they’re instant, undeniable proof of how much better the original suits were in comparison.

This Samurai Spider-Man Figure Does Whatever a Japanese Spider-Man Can

Tamashii Nation’s amazing Star Wars “movie realization” series, which takes the Galactic Empire’s most iconic designs and turns them into armor for classical Japanese samurai warriors, is absolutely fantastic—but it looks like their next addition to the line from the world of Marvel comic books. Behold, Spider-Samurai!