Holy crap, this woman is flying hanging from two toy helicopters!

You've probably dreamt about flying. Who hasn't? It seems awesome! But getting lifted into the air by two separate RC helicopters also seems more than a little bit scary.


With one hand in each ring, attached by a cable to its own helicopter, this lady basically turns into an Olympic gymnast flying through the sky. The copters didn't take her too high, but it's still terrifying to imagine being up there if a gust of wind came by and shook things up. If she had to let go of one of those rings, no doubt she'd be going down fast.

It's definitely badass, but it's not a way I would want to get around. At least not until I could have a jetpack for backup.


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Arduous Approach

I'd so let go of one ring and escape my death out from two stories high into a roll that would look more badass than James Bond.