HomePipe App Streams iTunes to Your Android Phone

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HomePipe's a relatively new cloud-based storage app that's introduced a new twist: streaming your iTunes music from your Mac or PC to your Android phone. There are a couple of caveats, though.

First, it's not as simple as downloading the app. You'll need a HomePipe account, which requires you to download some software onto your home computer. And we haven't had a chance to test it out for ourselves, so no guarantees on how smoothly the streaming happens. But it looks as though both the app and the service are free, so it might just be worth a shot—especially if your music collection is Frucci-sized.

HomePipe is First to Stream Home iTunes Music to Google's Android

HomePipe subscribers can now stream music or any audio file from their home music library, over 3G or WiFi to their browser, mobile device or phone anytime, anywhere

SEATTLE, Wash, June 3, 2010 – HomePipe Networks (www.homepipe.net), the company that let's you surf your home computer, today announced availability the first-of-its-kind, and only offering to date, that allows streaming of iTunes music to Android phones and devices. Users now have the ability to stream home audio to your browser of choice, Android device or Apple mobile device. Anytime, anywhere, consumers with Android or Apple mobile devices can stream their favorite audio content to wherever they happen to be over 3G or Wifi. Users simply update their HomePipe iPhone or Android App and they can now safely stream audio content from their home network without having to purchase expensive and complex hardware, software, or cloud-based products. The Music stays in place at home and is unmodified. No need to upload or copy you copyrighted material to the cloud. Now everyone has access to all of your music and other audio content including home photos, videos, or any other files, from anywhere, anytime and no longer need to worry about what or what not to take with them.

Select HomePipe users have been using the audio steaming capability in advance of its public availability. "My music library is far too large to pay for cloud storage, it simply would cost way too much today. Also, I have more music and photos that no longer fit on my mobile device. Now with HomePipe, I always have my music, problem solved." says Gene Abramov – musician and computer security expert.

HomePipe: The Secure, Convenient Way to Access and Share Home Files

The HomePipe Service which launched in March of 2010, works with any firewall with no changes whatsoever, setup is instant, and the service is free. The HomePipe software installs quickly on a Windows PC or Apple Mac without any expensive or clumsy hardware. With HomePipe, users don't need to move their home files or configure their home network or laptop. Using the new HomePipe App on their Android phone, users have instant access to everything they need for work or pleasure.

And, unlike other cloud-based storage services, where users are limited to a certain amount of storage, or where copyrighted materials may be a challenge, HomePipe is completely free for all your personal content. With HomePipe, people can access their content right from their home network, which means users don't have to worry about paying monthly fees to store content online or have to worry about exceeding storage limitations that never seem to be enough.

HomePipe users enjoy the following benefits:

* Easy and FREE anytime access from any web browser, Android Phone, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
* Never worry about forgetting an important file or document at home.
* E-mail home pictures or business documents that are at home right from your phone.
* Stream audio content to your mobile device anytime anywhere.
* View and share high quality photos without having to waste time uploading or attaching them to Internet photo sharing sites.

"Over the past few years, and even more recently, a number of brand name technology companies have offered what they believe are solutions that solve the ‘Anytime access to your music library!' challenge. Despite those efforts, this problem continues to exist for most consumers until today." said Chris Hopen, HomePipe Networks co-founder and CEO.

Pricing and Availability

Sign Up for HomePipe via the web today for free.

Get the iPhone App in the Apple App Store: HomePipe Free or HomePipe Premium

Get HomePipe for the Android using the Android Market App on your phone.

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Android couldn't stream audio or video files from a computer before this? Really?