Hop Into the Poopmobile!

There's not an easy way to say this, so here it goes: This remote controlled poop is exactly what it is, a radio-controlled turd on wheels. But this poopmobile is not gratuitous. It has a noble purpose.

It's being used in the streets of London by WaterAid to promote their message: 2.6 billion people in the world don't have access to toilets. That is not only a bad thing for the obvious stinking reasons, but it's also deadly: Since people have to go anywhere, their feces can contaminate water sources and food, causing gastrointestinal problems especially in kids. 4,000 children die of diarrhea every day, and this problem is one of the sources.

You can sign their petition and help them at [Dig ToiletsThanks Eduardo Lozano!]


Whoops! Looks like we already told you about this toy a few days ago. Sorry about that. -RG

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