Houseboat? Try a Seafaring Luxury Apartment

Houseboats are inarguably the awesomest kind of house. But whereas most conventional houseboats are little more than bungalows mounted atop barges, the new Flash Cat 67SC offers a posh alternative.

Built by the Spanish shipwrights at Flash Cartamaran, the 67SC measures 65 feet in length with a 27 foot beam. Yes, technically, it is a catamaran but not one like you've ever seen before. It's far closer to a self-powered houseboat than a luxury yacht as the entire cabin has been raised from below deck to create, essentially, a floating two story apartment. The ship's interior can be split into as many as six separate cabins—including a 65 square foot master bed and bath—and includes both a full kitchen and dining space for up to 12 guests.


The kitchen and dining areas are combined with the wheelhouse - image: Flash

Lifting the cabin off of the water not only allows for a smoother ride through rough seas, it also provides panoramic views of the ship's surroundings—both from the ship's interior and from its integrated flydeck.

The 67SC will be powered by a pair of 500 HP diesel motors embedded in each catamaran sled. There's no word what toll this ship could take on your wallet but seeing as how they're built to order and pricing is only available "on request", you probably can't afford it. Still, it can't possibly be pricier than the Fennel Residence. [Flash via Gizmag]

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