How (And Why) to Avoid Premium Audio Cables

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Like expensive video cables, premium audio wiring is one of consumer electronics' great placebos. Do you want to be a sucker? Of course not. CNET's Steve Guttenberg provides some illuminating advice on buying and setting up cables on the cheap.

I always make fun of a friend of mine who buys expensive plain white socks, because unless you have some sort of mutant feet imbued with millions of extra nerve endings, you will not be able to tell the difference from their bargain store equivalent. The same goes for sound cables.

Illustration for article titled How (And Why) to Avoid Premium Audio Cables

Guttenberg points out that, beside "audiophile" equipment not appealing to the way most of us consume anyway (jogging, working, drowning out the complaining of a loved one), we probably don't have a nice enough setup to potentially benefit of "better" cables.

So instead of audiophile gold plated audio cables filled with diamonds and elephant bone marrow, where should the levelheaded consumer head instead? Guttenberg suggests MonoPrice, where you can pick up a 100 foot roll of 18 gauge wire for $17.34. You'll have to add your own plugs if you don't feel like breaking out the wire stripper, in which case Guttenberg recommends Blue Jeans Cable's "preterminated" cables.

Guttenberg insists that ultimately the audiophile quality difference does exist for those brave enough to break the bank while wiring their sound system, but for us with the eardrums of a mere mortal, this should suffice. [CNET]
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Mr. Damage

Actually, I beg to differ. The quality socks really makes you feet feel comfortable and dry...

It's important you know, to have dry feet.