How Apple Stores work consumers to buy and be happy

Along with retail masters Mickey Drexler—then Gap's CEO—and Ron Johnson, Steve Jobs created the Apple Stores in 2001. They wanted consumer heavens in which everything, from the space to the body language of the salespeople, is carefully designed to work people into buying a brand, its products and "happiness."


The Cupertino corporation used the stores to create an image of perfection and style, one that they couldn't create through advertising or TV. The stores's experience was meticulously calculated, fine tuned to make people fall in love with the company and its products, transmitting the idea of the Apple brand in every single detail.

At the beginning, press and competition slammed Apple for this, claiming the shops were going to be a failure, that nobody cared. But it turned out to be one of the company's best—if not the best—moves ever. These are some of the key elements that create that distortion field experience, making people happy and eager to buy, buy, buy.