How Astronauts Turn Pee into Drinking Water

Sure, there's no air in space. But once you've overcome that rather urgent deficiency, you've got to deal with another one: no water. Thanks to science, astronauts can solve that problem by just drinking pee. Zero-G YouTuber and ISS astrodinaire Chris Hadfield explains.


Until a few years ago, water had to be shipped up to spacestronauts in bags, alongside their food, but a fairly monstrous centrifugal distiller has changed all that, and the result is purified pee that's cleaner than any water you've had in your mouth recently. Good to know we'll be ready to mine for spice on Arrakis when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully by then the distiller will be a tad smaller. [YouTube]



So in essence you could almost (minus what your body absorbs of course) have a never ending supply of water to pee to water to pee to water to pee....