Illustration for article titled How Did This Woman Survive a 23-Floor Jump?

Pure luck, that's how. She decided to kill herself today, jumping from the 23rd floor of her hotel. Fortunately, the taxi in where she landed wasn't too hard and she survived. Injured, but survived.

Miguel was lucky too. He got out of his cab seconds before the woman ended her 330-foot drop crashing the car top just over the driver's seat. Witnesses say that they saw the woman climbing over the Hotel Panamericano's 23rd floor balcony barrier and jumping into the void. The 30-year-old woman is now being operated for internal injuries and multople broken bones, including her hips.


Had this happened in New York—where cabs are made out of pure condensed hate 17.6 stronger than adamantium—instead of Buenos Aires, she would have died instantly. [Twitter]

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