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I don't really put much thought into e-mails. Some notes are quickly sent without any salutation, a few are carefully crafted but most of my e-mails just start with Hey or a person's name. Am I being judged for my e-mail salutation?

The Morning News has a rather hilarious post about e-mail salutations and what they mean. Like:

"Hey:" means you expect something from me.

"Greetings:" denotes that I signed up for your dreadful boutique's mailing list in hopes of impressing somebody in the store, and now I resent all of the parties involved, myself most of all.

"Dear," expresses that-despite your outdated AOL address and the hundreds of forwarded conspiratorial rants in your Sent folder-this is only the third email you've ever sent and the details are better suited for our upcoming family get-together.


And so forth. I think context plays a huge role (who am I sending it to? for what reason?) but I'll say I'm definitely in the Hey to Hi range. What about you guys? [The Morning News via Digg]

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