How Dumb Was Your First Online Handle?

Your criminal record gets wiped clean the moment you turn 18, but every idiotic screenname and angst-ridden Xanga remains in perpetuity. GOOD had a few online journalists (including our own Mat "emptyage" Honan) share their first handles, to amusing but mostly harmless results.

So what was your first (or most embarrassing) handle? [GOOD]



cybercrrash. i really only had the "cyber" part because once i had a problem registering somewhere and it stuck for a while. then i shortened it to crrash, because everyone was shortening it to "cyber" (urgh). Actually my run as cybercrrash75 might have been longer. i removed the number at the same time i removed the "cyber" part.

but i pretty much have the same ever since first logging into Starsiege Tribes in 98 or 99.

if i remember correctly, i must have been about 10 years old and asked my big brother what "nickname" means and what i should write. He had apparently recently watched "hackers" and told me to use "crash override"... which quickly became crrash for one reason and another.

I'm pretty used to having older friends call me crrash even in real life. new friends haven't played online that often with me yet, so they call me by my real name (which feels really weird).