Source: Bing

On Thursday morning, people began pointing out that there was a penis hiding on Bing’s homepage.

While Google replaces its homepage logo throughout the week with interactive art that celebrates holidays and history, Bing refreshes its digital entryway with photos of places you wish you were instead of wherever you are that requires you to use Bing.


But today, that image is an aerial photo of Zlatni rat beach on BraÄŤ Island in Croatia. And it seems that on the day the photo was taken someone on the beach made a sand penis.

Can you see it?


Not sure?

Interestingly, when you zoom out, the beach itself also looks pretty phallic.

We have to give it to Bing for finally giving us a reason to check out their site.


Update 12:30pm: Bing has Photoshopped the penis out.

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