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When the App Store was fresh and new, you'd see different apps pop up in the Top Apps list. Those Top Apps lists were actually usable. But ever since Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and whatever else decided to squat down, it's the same damn apps over and over. So how popular does an app have to be to crack these lists?


According to Distimo, a paid app needs to be downloaded over 4,000 times a day to hit the top 10 list. A free app needs to crack 72,000 a day. A top 10 grossing app would need to bring in $47,000 in paid downloads every single day. Not exactly chump change! If you're trying to crack the top 50, it gets slightly easier. Paid apps need to just clear 950 apps a day (and 12 grand a day for most grossing) while free apps need to be downloaded 23,000 times. If you're trying to make it as an app developer, those numbers are your magic numbers. [Distimo via UberGizmo]

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