How Many Tetris Pieces Would You Need To Build a House?

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It was the game that defined a revolution in handheld gaming, but during the countless hours you spent playing Tetris and neatly organizing falling tetrominoes, did you ever stop and wonder how many of those pieces you'd need to build a full-size house? Probably not, after all what kid spends their time imagining about home engineering?

But the folks over at Movoto did, and cooked up another calculator that lets you figure out how many Tetris pieces—the ones appearing on your original Game Boy's screen—would be needed to build something livable. Not surprisingly, your average two-story home would require 1.12 billion pieces. But you'd want to make sure to leave at least a one block gap on every layer lest you lose an inch of your dream home every time a vertical piece slid into place. [Movoto]