How Screwed Up Is Microsoft Pink? Hint: It's Named After Pink the Singer

Another alleged insider has starting spilling—flinging?—beans about Microsoft's Pink project, enthusiastically piling the hate atop earlier claims that the project was under dire threat of cancellation, for sucking. This time, the rumors come via AppleInsider, and they get personal:


Roz Ho, Microsoft's head of mobile experiences was "clearly incompetent" in her handling of the project, and "was not humble enough" to listen to her ex-Danger employees, who could've told her what she was doing wrong. And my favorite maybe-true bit? The origins of the "Pink" moniker

she was listening to a song by Pink (the singer) when she decided she was just the person to go one-up the Sidekick.

The sourcing is odd and the story occasionally contradicts the report it claims to corroborate—how could Pink be a tool to goad the Windows Mobile 7 team into action if it was kept secret from them?—and while it's far from unbelievable that Pink, the project, could've been mishandled, or that Pink, the phones, could be kinda crappy, the conclusion that the project is dead just doesn't match what we know we know. [AppleInsider]

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