How Sports Photographers Shoot the Best and Hardest Assignment of Their Career: The Olympics

Reuters has put together a short video, featuring interviews with its team of photographers and photo editors, about how they are able to capture the incredible images taken of the athletes at the Olympic Games. These are the shots we're all wallpapering our computers with and emailing back and forth amongst friends. They're iconic, seemingly impossible photos—the hardest assignment of a sports photographer's career. Here's how they do it... [Tested]


(Edit: should be a reply to gabest's Canon focus comment)

How is it possible that anyone made a sharp picture before autofocus? Oh yeah, they'd pull their own focus.

I'd guess very few shooters there are using Mk2's (I assume you're referring to 5Dmk2's, not the older 1Dmk2's) for anything other than perhaps remote cameras.