How the Hell Does Anyone Get This Good at Jump Rope?

Freestyle competitive jump rope is a real sport. It’s badass and has almost nothing in common with its schoolyard predecessor.


Let that sink in. And then feast your eyes on Nick Woodard—one of the sport’s luminaries and multiple-time world champions—as he performs a routine that involves standing back flips, corkscrews, and hand stands. It’s like your childhood had a baby with gymnastics and breakdancing, and that baby is wearing sunglasses and offering cigarettes to other babies.


[The Ocho]

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Girl I know from the gym is a former world-champion jumper-roper (I don’t know if they have...leagues? Divisions? She won the f*ck out of something). We all kind of laughed about it until she and her friend did a demo for us one day. Yeah, holy shit.