How the Navy Taught Its Engineers About Them New Fangled Computer Machines Back in 1962

Have you been looking for the perfect way to teach your aging parents or grandparents about these fancy new computers the kids are always talking about? It turns out the Navy was too—back in 1962—so it commissioned this educational film to get its engineers up to speed.


It's hilariously dated, but damned if we didn't learn something about the history of computing, and where some of the modern technological terms we use originated. So let that be a lesson: pay attention because you might actually learn something from your rambling elders. [YouTube]

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MCMLXII... Anything looks so classy when it has roman numerals.

I saw some kids on a party last month, and one of them had "Since MCMLXXXVI" on his shirt and neither him and or his friends were able to figure out what these letters meant. They all agreed on: "these designers just write some crazy shit on Polo shirts and sell them".