How To Brew Your Own Snowflakes In An Empty Soda Bottle

Whether you're tromping through piles of freshly fallen snow or digging your toes into the sand far away from the nearest snowflake, there's a way to brew up a very tiny snowstorm right in your own house — and all you need to do it is a sponge, an empty soda bottle, fishing line, a paperclip, and some dry ice.


Science Friday talked with Caltech Physicist Ken Libbrecht about his experimental snowflake machine, which can crystallize individual snowflakes to see how different conditions change how different kinds of snowflakes form on a microscopic level. While his far more expensive and precise machine may be the best way to observe different kinds of snowflakes forming, though, you can also build a DIY version yourself out of about $5 worth of materials.

Watch the video above, hit the store for some dry ice, and then let it snow!