How to Build a Mosquito-Zapping Lightsaber

If you've got 20 minutes to spare, some rudimentary hacking skills, a love for Star Wars, and a disdain for insects—you can build this modified lightsaber that zaps bugs as you swing it through the air.


Hack a Day combined a plastic lightsaber with parts from one of those cheap bug-zapping toy tennis rackets you can buy. The electrified wire mesh was wrapped around the saber's blade several times, creating a near impenetrable force field that's guaranteed to electrocute any flying nuisance that makes contact. Just keep in mind that shock isn't exactly pleasant to humans either, so if you decide to build one yourself, make sure to keep the business end away from any exposed skin. Otherwise hurt it will. [Hack a Day via Neatorama]



I had one of these I bought for less than $5. It worked awesome. It works great on stupid drunk people too.