As far as needlessly complex and useless gadgets go, thereā€™s nothing better than a mechanical backpack that moves a wiener in different directions in order to get a bulldog to do your bidding.

YouTuber William Osman designed this stupid smart device in order to ā€œbiohackā€ his familyā€™s English bulldog Barkley. The basic concept is to use the old carrot-and-stick trick to guide buddy along the desired path.


The video is a little light on full technical details, though Osman does a quick rundown of all the mechanics once fully assembled. For those who actually want to try this or improve on it, heā€™s uploaded detailed directions, complete with Arduino code and COSMOS files.

What happens when youā€™ve finished laser cutting, tuning PID loops, and mounting the device on the dogā€™s back? Well, heā€™s a bit confused, does a little chasing, stares at it in the air, and eventually just sits there. In other words, heā€™s a good boy.

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