How to Create an Automatic Lawn Mower That'll Mow the Lawn for You

You don't even need to buy a Roomba lawn mower, all you need to do to rid yourself from the chore of mowing lawns is to make the lawn mower mow itself. How? Be like this guy who strapped his self-propelled lawn mower with rope to a stake in the middle of the yard. The lawn mower ingeniously mows the lawn in smaller spirals as the rope wraps around the wooden stake.

Of course, not everyone's yard can be groomed in a smooth, gigantic spiral but if you can, you never have to mow the lawn yourself (or pay for a gardener). [99bbtom via Reddit]

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I owned a Friendly Robotics robotic lawnmower - expensive and req a little installation - guide lines around periphery - but absolutely fantastic...
- ZERO emissions
- you can run it at night bc its very quiet- electric
- better cut bc blades spin much faster
- you can mow even in the rain bc its all sealed
- had sensors so it was safe around kids.

My yard is too large however - 2 acres - and its designed for 1/2 acre use so I overworked it.

Good stuff tho. Loved it when neighbors would drive by the house slowly... Makes me feel faaaancy.