How To: Dominate the Arcade Claw Game

Brainiac, one of the few good shows on G4TV, figured out how to beat the claw game and has passed it onto you. Those damn claw games pissed me off so much as a kid, and whoda thunk it that they actually pay out on a schedule by adjusting the claw tension every xx number of attempts.

How to Beat the Claw Game [jaygeiger]

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Great info. Those things pissed me off as a kid as well. Time for my revenge!

Armed with this info I'm off to a local arcade this afternoon. I'll spend my time standing somewhere watching kids play this thing and counting like they did in the tip video. Best case is I'll figure it out and win big. Worst case I get accused of staring at little kids all afternoon and get my @ss whipped by some kids father.

On second thought I'm staying home.