How To Easily Enable Tethering and MMS on iPhone 3.0

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Not even a day has passed since its release, and yet here we are, already dishing out iffy techniques for enabling unauthorized tethering and MMSing with iPhone OS 3.0. Here are two of them:

But first! Some words from our lawyers my conscience: These are, no matter how you cut it, not sanctioned. That means they could screw with your phone's brains, and more likely, with your delicate relationship with AT&T. If you're not particularly intrepid when it comes to technology, your warranty and, uhh, contract law, you should probably just wait it out.


Our first method comes from Giz reader Aaron Krill, who has posted a comprehensive guide—a sort of super-powered update to our old 3.0 tethering hack—to enabling both tethering and MMS specifically on AT&T. It's not the simplest procedure, but it's approachable, and doesn't require jailbreaking like before. The gist:

• Enable IPCC updates on iTunes 8.2
• Update IPCC files
• Spoof AT&T's website into thinking you have an other phone

If MMS doesn't really matter to you (be honest!) you can try this simpler, tethering-only method that allegedly works on all carriers (though it was tested on the UK's O2 network—written by Richard Lai and spotlighted by Engadget. The shorter gist:

• Visit a website on your iPhone and download a new carrier profile

Let us know how it works in the comments. UPDATE: Some people are reporting that these hacks can screw with your visual voicemail. Careful!


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