How To Get Out of Your Cingular Contract Without Fees

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Thanks to Cingular's recent text message bump from 10 cents to 15 cents per message, (dis)loyal customers can now get out of their contracts without fear of penalty.

Starting Jan 21, 2007, you'll have 30 days to give them a call and break your contract, provided you're not currently subscribed to an SMS package. Why the generosity? You can thank Cingular's own policy that allows customers to terminate their service if there's a change in the contract terms. Upgrading fees from 10 to 15 cents per SMS counts as a change.

Be wary of the details, however, as readers who got out of their Sprint contracts had their contracts reinstated when they continued to use their Sprint phones after cancellation. Be sure to check out the terms first.


Break Your Cingular Contract Without Fee, Thanks 2 Txt Msg $ Raise [Consumerist]

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@The M-Famous M

Apopheniac isn't disputing "any" he's disputing "subscribe". I'm a Cingular customer but I don't have a TM plan, which means that TMs are pay-as-you-go for me, currently $0.10 each. Since I don't "subscribe" specifically to a TM plan, it could be argued they're not necessarily changing the terms of it.

However, my overall plan does indicate that unless I purchase TMs separately, they'll be charged at the pay-as-you-go rate. It could be argued that this is one of the terms of my plan.

I dunno. And considering my current TM usage I may just go ahead and add 100/month or something like that. Path of least resistance.