How to Install Applications on iPhone 1.1.2 (Video Tutorial)

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People buying new iPhones with 1.1.2 software will find that it's not possible to install applications, like the must-have LucasArts game emulator. This video tutorial will teach you how to easily install applications and bypass activation in the iPhone. It's not as straightforward as previous versions, but anyone can follow it.


First, a few notes and warnings:

• Although it works great and is an easy procedure, do it all at your own risk.

• This process will NOT UNLOCK your iPhone. Only use it if you have a valid AT&T contract in the US or a T-Mobile, O2 or Orange contract in Germany, England or France.

• If you have an iPhone with 1.1.1, you don't really need to upgrade to 1.1.2 at all, so you may save yourself the process and keep using 1.1.1 and enjoying your apps.


• Since we don't have chapters in our videos, you will have to pause the steps by hand.

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Now, before starting the video tutorial you must download all the software you need for this:

INdependence v1.3 beta 2 if you have a Mac or iBrickr if you have a PC.

1.1.2 Jailbreak

• If you have iTunes 7.5, you must download the Mobile component of iTunes 7.4.x (read the iNdependence Readme file for the download location and follow the simple instructions there).

Apple Firmware 1.1.1

If you are using a Windows PC you will have to replace the Mac apps in the video with the Windows equivalent. In other words: instead of iNdependence use iBrickr. The jailbreak 1.1.2 file will work in both platforms, but you have to use the Windows.bat file. [Based on Trunkz's guide in Hackint0sh]



The great thing about activated phones is that you can skip several steps in the process, making it a lot easier.

I'll follow the steps in the video guide (which was awesome by the way) and set up diverse paths to take once the different steps come along (this guide is for mac users only):

- Download iNdependence, Jailbreak, apple firmware 1.1.1 and if necessary update your iTunes v7.5 to work with independence (check independence read me files)

- Launch the iPhone in restore mode (turn off phone, hold both the home button and the power button until the apple logo appears. Once the logo appears release the power button only)

- Once the phone is on again, you will see the Connect to iTunes screen. Follow the video guide and downgrade your phone to 1.1.1

- Launch independence and wait for it to connect to the phone. HERE IS WHERE THINGS START TO CHANGE FOR PREVIOUSLY ACTIVATED PHONES. Once you launch independence, it might or might not connect immediately to the phone. Do not close it until your iphone is either back to the screen where you can slide for emergency calls or back to the apps screen (normal page you see after you slide to unlock). You might need to launch independence a couple of times until it finally recognizes the phone.

- If you have the emergency call slider, go ahead and follow the steps on the video guide.

- If you are back on your normal apps screen, then you are pretty much done with the hard part. Go to Settings, select your wi-fi network, then travel to the general settings and set the phone autolock mode to "Never". Now, go to the phone section > contacts. From here on, follow the video guide to set up your jailbreak without placing any emergency calls (example: Add Jailbreak contact then add both urls, save then select the second url from your jailbreak contact and install the installer. A very important thing to note is that because there are many times when the phone is going to restart on its own, this will also cause iTunes to start every time. Make sure you either disable itunes from starting every time the phone is detected or close the application as soon as it launches every time the phone restarts. Otherwise, iTunes will halter whatever process you are trying to complete and it will make things even more confusing.

- Once the jailbreak is done (you will see a successful jailbreak message) launch iTunes and update your phone to 1.1.2. Please note that iTunes might not offer the option to update but rather it will only allow you to restore. This is OK. Get the phone back to 1.1.2 (the previously installed Installer icon will disappear but don't worry, this is normal). Once the update is done, run Jailberak 1.1.2 on your iphone and the installer and the SSH icon will reappear on your phone once the program is done. There you have it! Your phone is now free!

Once you go through the tutorial yourself please feel free to add anything that might support /complete/clarify it.