How to Make DIY Flaming Pumpkins for Halloween

Everybody knows that everything is much more impressive when you add fire to it. Especially Halloween decorations. If you want to add some burning heat to your Haunted House and/or burn some costumes off, watch this video that shows you how to make a flaming pumpkin. It's really easy. Like shockingly easy. [YouTube via Neatorama]


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You do know this is a spoof? Right. Please tell me you're not this foolish.

1: Pouring kerosene on tp does not make a large candle, it makes a large fire.

2: Putting water on an oil/gas ( kerosene ) fire does not put it out. It spreads it.

3: In case someone believes a YouTube video over common sense. Please, Please, do this in the middle of an open yard with WET WET WET grass. And no trees above.