How to Make Glow-In-The-Dark Printer Ink

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How Make Glowing Printer Ink - These bloopers are hilarious Really want those that next term paper to pop? Check out this quick 88 second tutorial on how to make your own glowing ink for your inkjet printer.

Not to spoil the video or anything, but you take glow-in-the-dark powder, mix it in with printer ink, microwave it, suck it into a syringe, then inject it into an empty cartridge. Once it's printed, you can turn off the lights and see your hard work. As delicious as that glow-in-the-dark solution is when it comes out of the microwave, you probably won't want to drink it.


HOWTO make glowing inkjet ink [BoingBoing]



You mean the glow 'dusk'? I miss the old days when illiterate people couldn't edit their videos with graphics and upload them for the entire world to see.