How To: Overclock Your Droid, Possibly To Death

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Droid draggin'? Apps crawlin'? Android creepin'? Then maybe you should overclock your Droid to 1.1GHz, like this guy! But really no, don't.

The boys at AllDroid have figured out how to overclock the Droid's ARM Cortex A8, normally clocked at 550 MHz, to 1.1GHz. That's twice the frequency, in case you're comically terrible at math, which can't be safe on a processor with no active cooling, stuffed into a metal phone. But whatever, it's the joy of the hunt, right? Or something? Here's how you can try it; it's a fairly involved process, so don't even try unless you're already familiar with rooting, overclocking, and bricking the shit out of phones for questionable reasons.


The AllDroid guys seem to have settled on 800MHz as a safe, cool, stable frequency, and 1.1GHz as a rough top end; past that, I imagine things get too crashy to be fun. [AllDroid via MobileCrunch]