How to Run Windowed Apps on Your Jailbroken iPad

When is an iPad not an iPad? Maybe when it runs apps in their own resizable windows just like your laptop, which is exactly what Quasar, an app for jailbroken iPads, does.


Developed by Pedro Franceschi, Quasar allows you to view multiple apps at the same time, resize windows, switch orientation, and rearrange apps on the screen. From the video, it seems to be pretty slick.

It might be particularly useful for apps that are technically only available for iPhone, as they can be run at their native size. Of course, you do have to be running a jailbroken iPad to use it, but if you are, it costs $9.99 from the Cydia Store.

Also, I can't help but appreciate noticing in the video that Pedro is a Giz reader. Hi, Pedro! [Big Boss via The Verge]


Mr. Damage

This app.... is freaking awesome, as long as you don't run too much stuff with it. Here's my five minute review.

1. This thing is fully actively multitasking, that apps run in the background. I've confirmed this with several games which are all active when this runs. At one point, I was running Max Payne along with other games.

2. Audio plays for all apps unless the app takes exclusive control (Netflix), or you close it. You've been warned. Keep it on mute, more or less.

3. Orientation is a bit buggy.

4. You have your keyboard, but it will scale with the app. This was made to use with bluetooth keyboard.

5. I'm not sure, but my iPhone apps run in scaled, 2x mode. I wonder if this is because I had FullScreen/RetinaPad installed. I've uninstalled them but they still run like this....

6. Now I wish the BTStack on the iPad would remember the mouse setting...

7. As noted elsewhere, multitasking gestures other than swipe 4 up/down works. Understandable.

In short, this is the Windows Manager that iPad deserves, but not all users need. Yes, this is worthy of your $10, but not everyone will want it. Keyboard is a must.