How To Talk Amongst Yourselves Using #whitenoise

Here at Gizmodo we've created a special place for you commenters to post just about anything you want. We call it #whitenoise and here's how to use it...

#whitenoise is your place to talk about tech, news, gossip, cow fistulas or even things completely unrelated and off-topic. So, how do you get started? Direct yourself to the #whitenoise page here. At the top of this page there's something we call the "submit box."


Click where it says "Got a tip for us?" The box will expand, letting you type whatever you'd like. To make it public, click on the button that says "share."

This will post whatever you just said into our #whitenoise page.

Also note that you can start your own threads by creating your own hashtag. Want to start up discussion on your favorite gadget? Try #favgadget. If you want your comments to appear in multiple places, use multiple hashtags. Need a starting off point? Try any of our most popular tags featured above.


Once you start participating, you'll begin to see how addictive the conversation can be. To help you keep track of your conversations, be sure to make use of the new notifications feature.


Clicking on "replied" will take you to the exact comment, while clicking the link at the end takes you to the original post. It's a great way to keep track of the conversations you're having while not interrupting your regular use of the site.

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