Here's a great tip for those who obsess over the odd routes that shipments take and/or salivate at the thought of your iPhone 5 shipping a little early. You can track your iPhone 5 order without a tracking number. And since Apple hasn't given tracking numbers out for iPhone 5 orders yet, this is the only way to track its status.

The instructions, as discovered by GDGT, are quite simple:

  • Go to the UPS website right here
  • Select 'Track by Reference'
  • In the 'Shipment Reference' field, type in your 10-digit phone number (the one you used to buy on Apple)


That's it! It's unclear if this method works for an iPhone 5 bought at a carrier store but for those who bought the iPhone 5 at the Apple Store, you can see where that taller iPhone of yours currently is. Move faster iPhone 5! Friday can't get here fast enough. [GDGT]