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How to Use Speed Cameras to Bury Your Enemies in Speeding Tickets

Illustration for article titled How to Use Speed Cameras to Bury Your Enemies in Speeding Tickets

I think that speed cameras are the devil's technology that impugn our basic human rights, but Maryland high school students show how they can be used for fun and profit revenge.


Basically, students from Richard Montgomery High School are copying the license plate numbers of their "enemies" ('cause high schoolers lead such vicious, angsty lives) on glossy photo paper in a font that looks just like the one Maryland uses for its license plates. They tape the crappy fake license over their own, and intentionally zip past a stupid speedtrap camera, and a couple days later, their victim receives a ticket in the mail. The really clever little bastards are borrowing cars that are the same model as the one their victim owns.

This should pretty much seal the deal on how speeding cameras are. I mean, the whole program is being effortlessly de-constructed and re-purposed by high school geniuses who call their prank speed camera "pimping." And this is the future of public safety? Right. [The Sentinel via Slashdot]

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It's better than letting the power mad cops handle the law. I'd love nothing more than to lay off 90% of the police forces and replace them with robots and cameras.