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How Wikipedia Would Have Worked in the 1980s

I'm so thankful I never used a computer in the 1980s because it looks mind-scrunchingly frustrating. I would probably hate technology because of it. So thank you to all the patient geniuses who took the time to use things like DOS for the rest of us. Even if today's tools existed back then, it would still be so much worse with yesterday's limitations.


SquirrelMonkeyCom shows how woefully inept computing was in the 1980s by imagining how Wikipedia would have worked. It's not exactly as fun as the Wikipedia rabbit holes I find myself crawling through every other day. [SquirrelMonkeyCom via Laughing Squid]

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I used computers in the 80's. It only seems frustrating to you because your first exposure to computers was something more modern. For us back then, they were magic machines.

Even if all we were doing was typing a report on the computer, instant editing in case of a mistake? Seriously. Go write me a 500 word article on a typewriter. Just remember, the delete key on a typewriter is called 'a bottle of White Out'. Do you realize what a pain it is to make a spelling mistake, stop, advance the paper out, paint the error away, wait for it to dry, realign the page, and retype the word?

Now, let's talk accountants and spreadsheets. (no, let's not. They bore me)

Anyway, while it seems to you younger people that the early days of computing were a gazillion times worse than they are now, you're correct. But it was so much better than the 'old' way of doing things.

****DISCLAIMER**** My first external storage device for my computer was a tape deck. Yes, as in cassette tapes. Just like the ones you used to make mix tapes with. If you wanted to load a program off one, you would type in your command, then hit play. You then walked away and made dinner and took a nap. If you were lucky, the program would be loaded when you woke up. Also, if you remember using a pair of scissors to double your storage space, you're old!