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HP and Sprint Bundle EV-DO Support in Compaq Laptops

Illustration for article titled HP and Sprint Bundle EV-DO Support in Compaq Laptops

HP and Sprint are adding built-in EV-DO Rev. A support to four of HP's Compaq notebooks, the 2710p, the 6510b, the 6910p and the 8510 series. The press release says integrated support, and we've checked with HP and confirmed that it really is integrated EV-DO support inside the laptops and not just a bundled EV-DO card. You'll still have to pay a Sprint Mobile Broadband service charge though—no freebies here. [Businesswire]


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I wouldnt see why not. I think you just call in and give them the ESN.

My dell has an integrated card. Its miniPCIe, which is what I would suspect is the same setup as the HP.

What I did was call sprint and add a line through my discounted plan and they sent me an Expresscard. I then just called and said I didnt like that card and replaced it and gave them the new ESN.

But like was said before I dont know if youd want to. My dad rarely gets EVDOrA speeds on his blackberry whereas I almost always get 1.5m down throuth sprint. And that whole bandwidth capping thing. I have downloaded more than 30gigs in a month with no troubles.