HP Chides Blu-ray, Feels Left Out

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That's right, the battle goes on. Looks like HP feels left out of certain high definition DVD features as the company sticks with its original plan to back Blu-ray.

"We're still supporting Blu-ray but we're very serious that we want these technologies. If in the end, they're supported in one and then not the other, we'll have to make a choice," said Maureen Weber, general manager of personal storage in HP's personal systems group.


"These" technologies include mandatory managed copy, which allow you to copy high-definition movies onto PCs from discs and distribute them on home networks and iHD, which will be used to provide all kinds of interactive features for the new DVD format. Whether Sony-led Blu-ray will give in to these demands is anyone's guess. And whether HP pulls out if they don't? We'll be taking bets all day.

HP asks for Blu-ray change in next-gen DVD battle [Reuters]

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