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HP Laying Off Palm Employees

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What do you do after you pay $1.2 billion for a company? You gut 'em. Or that's what HP is doing to Palm. AllThingsD is reporting that HP is cutting "former Palm staffers from its ranks". It's proving, what everyone sort of thought already, that HP is buying Palm more for its IP and technology than for its talent.

Not to mention that by absorbing Palm, HP finds itself with a lot of redundancies in departments such as marketing, HR, legal, etc. It's sad, but makes sense that HP would rather have their people in place, than Palm's.


A Palm spokesman Told AllThingsD:

"Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate. There always is turnover in organizations. Palm employees overall are enthusiastic about having the financial stability and global scale necessary to complete their vision."


It's sad that Palm, as we knew it, is gone. [AllThingsD]