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HP TouchPad's Reduced to Bargainous $380 on Woot Today Only (Updated: $300 at Staples!)

Illustration for article titled HP TouchPads Reduced to Bargainous $380 on Woot Today Only (Updated: $300 at Staples!)

It's got the potential to be amazing, but HP's TouchPad has been hindered by a sluggish brain. If you still really want one, Woot's daily deal slashes $120 off the price of the 16GB model. Hurry!


UPDATED: Staples is undercutting Woot by 80 notes, selling the TouchPad for $299.99 if you use this $100-off voucher.


[Woot via SlashGear, and WebOSRoundup via TIMN]

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I dont get it, Webos is, IMO the best os out there, the only problem with it is that nobody supports it. It does multitasking better than anybody else, it does notifications better than anybody else, it's synergy system is amazing! the backup system is second to none. I dont know why nobody wants to support it. the only reason I have an iphone 4 instead of a pre or something is because of the support.