HTC Cavalier (Dopod C730) Unboxed on Video

You saw a version of the HTC Cavalier back when Boy Genius had it in January, but On the Go Solutions has a video of the T-Mobile Dash (HTC S620) successor. It's got Windows Mobile 6, a 400MHz processor, 2.0-megapixel camera, and even 3G.


As a side note, the narrator's voice is so deliberate and confident, we couldn't keep from laughing for some reason. Maybe it's just because it's Friday.

As a second side note, I think it's pronounced like "Dew pod" instead of "D'oh pod."

Dopod C730 (HTC Cavalier) [Onthegosolutions]



I thought this thing got shelved? I'm betting TMob has piles of Dashes left so I'm guessing it won't be an option for me for a while.