HTC Is Promising a New Smartphone Camera Experience—But What Is It?

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On its website, HTC is teasing the fact that it plans to offer up a new "camera experience" when it rolls out its—as yet unannounced—new flagship handset later this month. But while that's all HTC is saying, rumors suggest that a new three-sensor camera may be in the offing.

HTC cites one of our articles to support its argument that megapixels don't matter—which they don't! But while it's clear that HTC is leveling its sights at Nokia here, unfortunately the Taiwanese manufacturer doesn't expand on what does matter.


Interestingly, though, Pocket Lint yesterday cited "sources familiar with the matter" who claim that HTC's new phone camera will use three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers to produce a single image. You might want a grain or two of salt with that suggestion, but it's not actually a brand new idea: Sigma already uses a three-sensor design in its Foveon X3 sensor, which detects red, green, and blue light in three different layers. And of course, a multi-layer sensor might not even do that, but rather just act like a regular sensors that oversamples—like Nokia's PureView—to obtain a crisper image.

Or, of course, Pocket Lint may have it all wrong, and HTC's new camera experience may be something quite different altogether. One thing we do know for certain, though: we'll find out at HTC's announcement on February 19th. [HTC, Pocket Lint]

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Let's see if it actually includes a detachable battery and sd card slot, if not, another phone I wont spend my money on.